Thermal evaporation

Thermal evaporation is a straightforward means of thin film deposition with materials being heated to evaporation temperatures via a resistively heated support.

Thermal evaporation is best suited to metals with evaporation temperatures of about 1700 °C or below. Moorfield’s MiniLab range is ideally suited to the thermal evaporation technique.

Moorfield systems for Thermal evaporation:

MiniLab 080


The MiniLab range from Moorfield: Flexible, modular PVD systems for high-quality R&D and pilot-scale production.

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High-performance metals, organic evaporation in compact packages for benchtop location. Superior, efficient performance and ideal for OLED, OPV and OFET research.

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nanoPVD-T15A chamber interior with two TE1 sources for metals evaporation

PVD techniques

Moorfield are experienced in all common PVD techniques and can supply systems with fully-integrated component sets. Standalone components also available.

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