Northumbria University

Northumbria University

At Northumbria University, we are working on cutting-edge applications of various materials with a particular focus on photovoltaics. As part of this, recent installations of Moorfield nanoPVD and MiniLab systems for magnetron sputtering and electron-beam evaporation are playing a key role. Moorfield’s expert, professional advice ensured we obtained tools with the right capabilities and we have been impressed with the quality of the equipment and the rapid, high-quality support that comes with it. A pleasure to work with their friendly team!

Dr. Guillaume Zoppi
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nanoPVD-T15A chamber interior with two TE1 sources for metals evaporation

PVD techniques

Moorfield are experienced in all common PVD techniques and can supply systems with fully-integrated component sets. Standalone components also available.

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