Vacuum products and parts

Freeze dryer

Freeze dryers

Moorfield offer a range of laboratory and bench top freeze driers which are highly flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of every industry and academic application.

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Vacuum Chamber

Vacuum chambers

Moorfield offer advice, design and manufacturing of all forms of vacuum chamber. We can either manufacture to your specific design, or design to an application requirement.

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Vacuum chamber manifold

Vacuum chamber manifolds

Vacuum manifolds are useful in situations where multiple ports are to be exposed to a common vacuum, often in a selective manner. Moorfield are experienced in the design and manufacture of manifolds for various requirements.

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Vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are one of Moorfield’s specialities. We have extensive experience in all major types of vacuum pumps within both research and academia, as well as in the industrial sectors.

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Vacuum Gauge controller

Vacuum gauges

We can supply and advise on all types of vacuum gauge from a basic Bourdon dial gauge through to highly accurate capacitance manometers.

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