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Edwards E306 thin film deposition systems

Moorfield have been rebuilding and servicing the Edwards E306 range of evaporators since 1993. We can offer a complete refurbish / rebuild service for Edward E306 thin film deposition systems. We can re-engineer chambers to accommodate new techniques, new control systems, revised geometries, retrofit sample stages, heated stages, cooled stages, tilt stages, bias stages.
E306 Thermal - standard Edwards layouts available including 1, 2 or 3 boat configurations with interspaced shielding. 4 boat TE4 with optional co-deposition mode. Replacement thermal control systems either consol or 19" rack mount based.

Edwards E306 thermal evaporator

E306 Sputter - standard Edwards layouts available including 1, 2 or 3 head configurations with interspaced shielding. RF, DC and pulsed DC supplies. Sample bias stages. Replacement quartz crystal  control systems for PID loop deposition control

Edwards E306 sputter evaporator

E306 E Beamrepair and refurbishment of standard Edwards EBE1, EBE3 available . New and upgraded power supplies. Sample heated / cooled stages. Replacement quartz crystal  control systems for PID loop deposition control. Retro fitted 4 or 6 hearth e beam sources with manual or auto indexation.

Edwards E306 electron beam evaporator

E306 Hybrid - we specialise in E306 multi technique system configurations such as E Beam with thermal, low temperature evaporation with thermal, sputter with thermal, sputter with e beam. Although the chamber is small, it can be done!

Edwards E306 thermal and ebeam evaporator

Chamber Options - different techniques and geometries require different chambers. We offer replacement glass or metal bell jars, replacement seals, replacement glass or metal cylinders, Minibox stainless steel front loading box chamber ( ideal for sputter and e beam)

Edwards E306 evaporator chamber

E306 Components - A range of rebuilt /refurbished Edwards E306 components and also the new improved Moorfield designed components to retrofit to your E306 system.

Edwards E306  evaporator plasma glow facility

E306 Control Options - safety interlock upgrades, gauging upgrades, PLC control upgrades and deposition control upgrades using quartz crystal sensors.

Edwards E306 thermal evaporator safety interlock upgrade

E306 Service - system commissioning / decommissioning, annual service contracts, emergency call out and on site retrofits

sevicing an Edwards E306 ebeam evaporator

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