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Benchtop, turnkey systems for precision etching for 2D materials applications

Developed with Manchester University, UK, nanoETCH systems have been designed for “soft etching” applications needed as part of research and development work based on 2D materials including graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs). The instruments, which are fully automatic and touchscreen-operated, are equipped with precisely-controlled RF power generation and process gas introduction, and are ultra-compact for benchtop location.

Compact, turn-key, and scalable CVD systems for high-throughput graphene and carbon nanotube synthesis

With low thermal-mass heaters and cold-walled reaction chambers, nanoCVD systems are optimised for high-throughput production of high-quality graphene and carbon nanotubes (CNTs).

New glovebox deposition systems

Moorfield have launched a new range of glovebox compatible deposition systems in colaboration with Innovative Technology Inc: the high capacity MiniLab 090 for OLED / PLED applications and; the MiniLab 026 entry level deposition system which can retrofit to most existing glove boxes.

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The t:VAC range consists of complete self-contained systems capable of heating samples or substrates of various shapes and sizes up to 2000°C, in highly controlled vacuum, inert or reactive environments.

t:VAC systems are available in a range of sizes to match user application and available space. While all of our systems are efficiently designed to fit into environments where space is often at a premium, our smallest designs are compact enough to be situated bench top.



Thin film vacuum deposition systems and components....

Moorfield specialise in small scale R&D vacuum coaters and components. Most of our deposition components are  compatible with other manufacturers but with innovation and pricing advantages..

The New MiniLab series are multi-technique, low cost, upgradeable mini box coaters suitable for pilot line or R&D applications... check it out!


minilab vacuum deposition system

Sigma SQM242 PCI card for thin film deposition control

Data Systems for thin film  vacuum deposition...

..On site installation of modular upgrades for thin film deposition systems from high end instrumentation manufacturers. Ideal replacement for ageing controllers on Balzers and Leybold kit... and at a great and price!

sales @ moorfield.co.uk

Re-built / refurbished vacuum systems and components

Moorfield offer a range of warrantied re-manufactured  / rebuilt and ex demo stock from a full vacuum deposition system to a small backing valve. If the budget needs stretching then check out our remanufactured lines.

rebuilt vacuum gauge controller

rebuilt rotary vane vacuum pump

refurbished Balzers BAK550 deposition system

Service and repair

For vacuum pumps including turbo molecular, quadrupole mass spectrometers, Edwards E306 deposition systems and components

 Contact Information: For further information about any listed product or service, please contact Moorfield Sales Department via one of the media listed below.
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edwards XDS10 scroll

 Edwards products with worldwide OEM warranty

New DC/RF automated sputter switch

MiniLab R&D box coaters

TE4 thermal evaporator

TE4 thermal evaporation source

sigma sqm160 monitor

Thin film monitors at low prices

3 inch magnetron sputter source

Magnetron sputter sources

600C sample heater

in vacuum sample heater stages

reactive ion etch system

Reactive ion etch stages